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The latest Humble Mobile Bundle is all about making you think

Who doesn’t love puzzle games? Well, a lot of people, probably, but if you’re not one of them, you might enjoy the current “pay what you want” Humble Mobile Bundle.

The minimum payment of $1 will bag you a trio of minimalistic puzzle experiences. Hook, Zenge, and klocki all follow a similar ideology — they’re meditative games that don’t pressure you with timers, move counters, or anything else. It’s just you, a puzzle, and all the time in the world. They also arrive with some beautifully atmospheric soundtracks — these titles could make for some great stress relief.

If you can part with five bucks or more, you will also receive three very different games. The first is for the city planners out there and it’s called Mini Metro. This tasks you with planning out the best underground railway network possible. The second, Human Resource Machine, can be described as an illustration of why people quit their office jobs and become travel bloggers. And the third, Deus Ex GO, is a turn-based stealth puzzle take on the critically acclaimed Deus Ex video games series.

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The latest Humble Mobile Bundle is all about making you think

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Paying more than the average other users parted with, which at the time of writing is a bit over $5.60, will add three more games to the package. A Good Snowman is Hard to Build will put you in the shoes of a monster that really likes building good snowmen, while Concrete Jungle, on the other hand, is a mix between a puzzle and a city-building game; both bring fresh ideas to the puzzle genre. As for Slayaway Camp, this is for the kind of people who watched Friday the 13th in the 1980s and really wanted Jason’s job.

Considering the total value of the games is $29, paying six bucks for all nine of them sounds like a pretty good deal to us. If you’re into mobile puzzle games, don’t miss it.

Have you played any of these titles? Which would you recommend? Let us know in the comments.

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