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Google is finding and taking down fake reviews in the Play Store

The number of fake reviews and rankings for apps and other content in the Google Play Store may be taking a big drop in the near future. The company announced today it has made some improvements to the backend that will allow it to find and take down those kinds of reviews.

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September 6, 2016

A few weeks ago, Google announced it would be going after apps who generate a lot of recorded installs through fraudulent means. Today, the company said that actual fake reviews, or reviews that have been created by people who have been paid to do so, will be identified and removed from the Play Store. Obviously, Google does not want to reveal exactly how it is making these removal decisions.

The company also mentioned once again that any Android apps in the Play Store must abide by its Developer Policy. That means app reviews must come from people who have actually used the app they are writing about, and that those users should not have been paid or given any other incentives to write their review. In this era where “fake news” has now become a buzzword, it’s a relief to know that Google is trying its best to keep reviews of apps in the Play Store honest.

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