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Exclusive: This is the T-Mobile Alchemy

Manufacturers pursuing exclusive handsets isn’t anything new: Sprint has the HTC Bolt, AT&T has the Galaxy S Active devices, while Verizon has the Droid series from Motorola. T-Mobile also stocks exclusive phones, as well as own-brand devices, and, thanks to a recent tip from a trusted source, we now have an idea of what the latest of these will be.

Earlier today we received further confirmation of a T-Mobile phone called the REVVL, but that’s not the only upcoming Tmo-branded device.

The T-Mobile Alchemy, pictured above, is reportedly being developed by Coolpad: the manufacturer behind the Coolpad Defiant, a budget T-Mobile device (seen below) released in June. The Alchemy shares a lot in common with the Defiant, design-wise — featuring a curved, textured back, rear-mounted speaker, and similar camera positioning. However, T-Mobile looks like it’s taking advantage of the 2017 dual-camera trend on this new device.

Exclusive: This is the T-Mobile Alchemy

The T-Mobile Alchemy features the company logo strapped across the rear in its classic purple color, with purple highlights around the fingerprint scanner and camera. It will likely be a low-cost handset, like the Coolpad Defiant (which costs $100), and, based on the information we have received, would also come with a microSD card slot, MicroUSB connectivity, and headphone jack. The information also suggests that it would be running stock Android, and would come with at least one T-Mobile branded app, but likely more.

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Exclusive: This is the T-Mobile Alchemy

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As to its release date, we don’t know, but perhaps the October 6 date in the image is a clue. The Coolpad Defiant was leaked in April ahead of availability in June, so we could see that same two-month time reflected frame here (notice the June 5 date on the Defiant image, too). Whether it will debut before, after, or beside the T-Mobile REVVL, that also remains a mystery.

What are your thoughts on the potential of the T-Mobile Alchemy? Would you be interested in picking up this one? Let us know in the comments.

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